A downloadable game for Windows

Maze - Indie Horror v. 1.1.0

If you can get exit of the maze?
But remember you are not alone.

Control :
Move -W,A,S,D
Jump -Space
Running - Left Shift
Nightvision camera - F
Pause - Esc

General Info
Developer(s) AP Group
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) September 20,2014
Genre(s) First person,adventure,horror.
Mode(s) Single player,Cooperative coming soon..
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PASSWORD : maze1.1.0

apuagroup@gmail.com - contact(support)

Maze - Indie Horror

Install instructions


2.Extract Zip archive

3.Run "Maze - Indie Horror.exe"

!!! Currently password : maze1.1.0

Thank you for downloading and playing!)

- Kind Regards, AP Group


Maze - Indie Horror v 1.1.0.zip 100 MB